Sunday, October 25, 2009

Money making Teachniques

Money making techniques –

1.E-Book - People who love to write should definitely utilize this opportunity. Write E-books and make money. Always choose a topic which attracts the traffic and leads to more number of clicks. Write E-books on different topics and publish it. The best site to create and publish E-book is Lulu. This site gives pretty decent income. This is one of the important techniques one can think of to succeed in the internet business.

2.Promoting the product - Promote Click bank and products on your site and create more sales for those product which in turn helps you earn commission on every sale. Click bank products and product helps you earn commission on every sale. Get registered for both the sites and adhere to all the rules and regulations. If you have click bank id, you can directly go to and give the click bank id, the ad code gives both paydot and click bank products. To understand how it works, you have to go through the rules and regulations carefully. – This is another most important site, this requires very less time for you to start earning money. This is one of the easy cash making techniques available in this internet world. The minimum payout required is only $5 which everyone can earn easily. Payment is given either through PayPal or check. This site is highly recommendable. – This is quite similar to, however this site includes more activities which would help you earn extra cash. Try and register with different email id and not the one which is used for The minimum payout for this site is $10.00. Payment is given either through PayPal or check

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  1. These techniques are useful who reside in USA only not for Indians


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